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“It is not the tram that makes transportation a successful experience. It is the schedule.”

Lucius Burckhardt

Service Design Day was launched in 2016 and is a day dedicated to service design enthusiasts – a world-wide event to bring together people from different backgrounds and disciplines. Together, we will celebrate service designraise awareness and create impact in the world around us.

Naturally, Service Design Day should reflect the discipline’s spirit and energy which is why we chose June 1, the beginning of the most youthful month!* Join the buzz and do good – give back! 

*June originates from the Latin word, young

How to get involved?

Innovation is much more than having a creative idea. We believe that good design is good for your business. Freehandesign exist to find contextualized visual solutions for your company. And much more… Be in touch and know all solutions you can offer to you.

Today is #SDDay. We would like to share about the Service Design Days movement. The Service Design Days is a cross-disciplinary platform for change makers, influencers, and decision makers of small and large organisations, involved in product and service innovation, organisation transformation, and value creation through design. It is a unique platform that brings together strategic designers and business strategists to learn, share and co-create together, through live- and online sessions.

Okay, behi… But what about us? Tunisians?

Freehandesign created a movement called Design Thinkers Tunisia, where the objective is to make the design thinking method known, promoting the possibility of great human-based interactions. It is the design service done in practice, fi beledina. Do you want to get involved? Enter the link below and learn more:


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Il est plus que jamais important d’offrir à vos clients des produits et services qui leur apportent entière satisfaction. Mais comment rendre cette expérience unique ? L’utilisation du design de services est l’une des solutions

Design is arguably now focused on the interaction between people and technology, and products serve as platforms for experiences, functionality and service offerings “

Marc Stickdorn, This is Service Design Thinking: Basics

Le design de services est une méthode particulièrement adaptée à l’amélioration de la qualité de vos services ou au développement d’une nouvelle offre ou approche. Dans la pratique, cette méthode vise à redéfinir vos services dans le but d’offrir au client une expérience simplifiée et optimale. Il ne s’agit donc pas de votre produit ou service à proprement parler, mais de tout ce qui tourne autour.

Ce type d’innovation dans les services n’est bien sûr pas inédit. Il s’inscrit toutefois dans une perspective totalement différente : il s’agit en effet de partir des besoins et questions des clients eux-mêmes. L’approche conceptuelle n’est donc pas orientée vers le produit mais bien vers la personne. Les interactions entre l’utilisateur et un service sont étudiées et détaillées de A à Z. Plutôt que d’examiner un seul aspect – tel que le site Internet, une brochure ou le comptoir d’accueil par exemple – on prend pour point de départ l’objectif poursuivi par l’utilisateur. À l’aide du design thinking (la pensée du design de services), vous apprenez à envisager vos services dans leur ensemble, en adoptant le point de vue du client, afin de mieux coordonner les différents services et processus sous-jacents entre eux.

Alors, Happy #ServiceDesignDay !

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When you have 2 coffee shops, right next to each other, selling the exact same coffee with one common price, each one you’ll go?

Service Design will answer you. Do you know why? Because you can design a user-centric service that it’s useful and easy to use. So, let’s go to coffee shop B!

Today is the #ServiceDesignDay, how happy we are. Give us the oportunity to show you how Service Design works with your product or service :-)

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A marca de produtos infantis Johnson´s e a agência DM9 parecem ter juntado todos os elementos de empatia em sua mais nova campanha. A ideia é valorizar a diversidade e a forte ligação entre mãe e filho. Em tom emocional e delicado, o filme mostra partes de um bebê, olhos, pés, mãos e pele, destacando as descobertas que acontecem na vida da mãe quando um bebê nasce. Até revelar que se trata de uma criança com Síndrome de Down. Com poucos minutos no ar, a publicação jé colecionava milhares de interações nas redes sociais, incluindo depoimentos emocionados. Mamãe, Feliz dia!

Johnson’s brand and DM9 agency seem to have put together all the elements of empathy in their newest campaign. The idea is to value the diversity and strong relatioship between mother and child. In an emotional and delicate tone, the film shows parts of a baby, eyes, feet, hands and skin, highlighting the discoveries that happen in the life of the mother when a baby is born. Until it reveals that it is a child with Down Syndrome. With just a few minutes in the air, the publication was already collecting thousands of interactions on social networks, including emotional testimonials. Happy mother’s day Brazil!

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