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#Bauhaus100years, into #logos we know

Yes, Bauhaus was one of the single most influential cultural movements of the 20th century, and at its heart was an obsession with the “total” work of art. Bauhaus teachings were concerned wi


Uma excelente foto, uma ação e uma hashtag. Qual seria o resultado disso? A imagem é comovente. Visivelmente abalado, um homem caminha por uma rua de Beirute, no Líbano, carregando no colo

#Design a new year!

Yes, how great it would be if we could draw a new world… How many challenges we have! But there is something we cannot hide: we are incredibly able to design a new year, and it starts inside us.

Connect the dots!

Have you ever taken the opportunity to marvel at an intricate painting, relax to a delicate piece of music, or ponder a complex poem? Humans pursue creative expression and enjoy creatively produced material every day. Creativity is essential for the arts, for new inventions, and...

#Sfax, puissance économique

L’ambassadeur des Etats-Unis en Tunisie, Donald R. Bloom, a déclaré que Sfax est la plus grande ville économique de la Tunisie et l’un des plus gros exportateurs sur le marché américain. Il estime que ce statut se développera davantage dans le futur. Lors d’une conférence...