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#Bauhaus100years, into #logos we know

Yes, Bauhaus was one of the single most influential cultural movements of the 20th century, and at its heart was an obsession with the “total” work of art. Bauhaus teachings were concerned wi


Uma excelente foto, uma ação e uma hashtag. Qual seria o resultado disso? A imagem é comovente. Visivelmente abalado, um homem caminha por uma rua de Beirute, no Líbano, carregando no colo

#Design a new year!

Yes, how great it would be if we could draw a new world… How many challenges we have! But there is something we cannot hide: we are incredibly able to design a new year, and it starts inside us.

Subway Roman empire?

Thank you Sasha Trubetskoy for this! Could you imagine a entire Roman empire map, combining well-known historic roads, like the Via Appia, with lesser-known ones (in somes cases given imagined names)? Now we can...

Art tunisien, bravo!

Nja Mahdaoui gagne le titre de "meilleur artiste mondial" pour son installation "Douroub 1", chez Global Art Award 2017. Le plasticien et peintre-calligraphe tunisien Nja Mahdaoui a fait une exposition composée d’une série de calligraphies réalisées sur différents objets. Une créativité qui l'a fait remporté le...