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A new view for the #BusinessCard?

Business card, everyone has one. But sometimes it seems that, at some point, they are not relevant anymore. Aren’t they? What do you think?

Off course, it could be “simple” to say but the one who knows what Design can do, is aware that a great business card can make difference. It’s not a “simple thing” (this is why is complicated to design one), but it’s reallity. Its your first impression.

And talking about reality, look at this new concept of business card :

This card made by the developer Oscar Falmer looks interesting and innovative. Made with ARKit, he is aware of some hardwarre limitations as you need a phone to see the card’s extra functionality (You have to take the card, hold it up in the air, then take your phone out, launch a card reader application).

Even knowing that, let’s congratulate him of his idea… Who knows can we see something more of visual identities solutions?